Healthy Spa Lunch

Enjoy a Healthy Spa Lunch What’s better than a spa treatment? A spa treatment and lunch, of course! Enjoy a healthy spa lunch, the menu includes items like a chicken wrap, veggie wrap and a side of fresh fruit...

What’s New at Kiehl’s

So I decided to check in with Kiehl’s, our partner here at the spa and a renowned brand in the world of skin and body care, to find out if they had anything new going on with their product line. Kiehl’s customer service was great. Here’s a shout out to Paul, one of...

Lower Back Pain? Choose Massage over Prescription

Massage Away!Ouch, are you suffering from chronic lower back pain? If so, don’t immediately reach for pills.  Shui Spa may offer you some much needed relief with one of our signature massages. According to the American College of Physicians (ACP), low back pain is one...

Sun v. Skin

Protect Yourself from Sun DamageThis time of year, life on the Cape is really all about enjoying the outdoors and soaking up the abundant sunshine. Whether your boating, biking or beaching it’s no secret that the sun’s rays boost both Vitamin D and serotonin levels....

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