Warmth Awaits at Shui Spa

I love winter…but there are some things about it that I can absolutely do without. Dry skin, cold induced aches and pains and an overworked immune system. But fear not! This post isn’t about grey skies, short days or complaining—it’s about the health benefits of regular massage therapy. Here are some interesting facts about how regular massages can help during these dreary months. So go on, get a massage, what are you waiting for?

Aches and pains: When our bodies are exposed to shivering cold temperatures they respond by constricting blood vessels in order to conserve heat. As a result, the heart has to pump harder, blood circulation is reduced in the skin and muscles loose more heat and contract. Not only does this increase blood pressure but it’s also the pathway for many aches and joint pains. Ever heard of seasonal arthritis? Felt achy after shoveling snow? Getting deep tissue message on a regular basis can naturally lower blood pressure, increase body temperature and help restore proper circulation.

Dry Skin: Often the combination of winter winds and dry indoor heat zap our skin of the nutrients and hydration it requires to look and feel its best. If you want to look your best for those holiday photos then use a combination of proper nutrition, hydration and skin rejuvenating oils and lotions. Massage therapists often use nutrient rich products—like those from Kiehl’s—containing the necessary vitamins for healthy hydrated skin that feels refreshed and relaxed.

Immune System: Did you know there is evidence that exposure to cold weather can suppress your immune system? And that cold and flu viruses can thrive in colder temperatures? Did you also know that massage therapy boosts our immune systems by increasing lymph flow? Our lymphatic system is made out of white blood cells called lymphocytes that bring cells nutrients and remove their waste. They’re instrumental in keeping bacteria and invaders, like cold viruses, at bay and they need to move about our bodies in order to be effective which is done with routine muscle movements. This is where massage comes into play as it increases normal lymph flow through muscle stimulation and relaxation. Get a massage and build yourself a better immune system! Who knew, right?!

Stay healthy!


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