Restorative Massage (Swedish)

This combination of massage techniques and modalities relieves stressed out, tension-plagued muscles while hydrating parched skin and improving circulation with our famous signature body products.


  • 55 minutes $129.00   
  • 85 minutes $179.00    

Deep Tissue Massage

This treatment is a therapeutic form of massage that focuses on all layers of the muscles and connective tissue from superficial to deep. Slow, strong strokes are used along with techniques that penetrate deep into the muscles and tissue.


  • 55 minutes $149.00    
  • 85 minutes $199.00    

Couples Massages

We welcome you to share a full body massage or several other of our treatments together
with a loved one or friend.  Couples massages are twice the price of a single massage.  Choice of:

Couples Restorative Massage

Deep Tissue Couples Massage

Hot Stone Massage (85 Minutes)

Feel your stress melt away as steaming, polished Basalt stones, rich in nourishing mineral content, are placed along your back. Gentle strokes leave you feeling totally renewed and releasing any tension or pain. Hot stones promote deep relaxation, leaving you renewed
as well as rejuvenated.

  • 85 minutes $199.00


Prenatal Massage (55 Minutes)

Prenatal massage is relaxing and nurturing and is a treat for you and the baby. Side-lying positions and body pillows are used for extra comfort that will accommodate your changing body. Focusing gently on areas of discomfort, such as lower back, swollen ankles, and joints this massage helps decrease water retention and improves circulation while relieving sore muscles.

  • 55 minutes just $129.00

Please note: The prenatal massage cannot be performed in the first trimester. It can only be performed in the second and third trimesters. Guest will be responsible for charges if booked and still in first trimester.


  • Any Special Occasion Celebration can be made even more Extraordinary at Shui Spa with a Unique Bouquet of Flowers, a Special Celebration Beverage(s) presented to your loved one or friend. Our Shui Spa Staff will make sure your every request is met with the utmost importance and attention to detail.