Experience the Health Benefits of the Complimentary Himalayan Salt Sauna

Enjoy complimentary use of our Mineral Soaking Tub, Steam Room and Himalayan Salt Sauna with every spa treatment.



Himalayan Salt Sauna 

The salt wall in our sauna is not only beautiful but the known benefits of the Himalayan salt include allergy relief, respiratory rehabilitation, weight loss, detox and balanced hormones.  Himalayan salt contains 84 different trace minerals that are bio-identical to the human body. Hand-mined and hand-processed in the Himalayas, the salt is minimally altered. These untainted crystals have spent millions of years maturing under ancient lava beds.   So make sure you experience the relaxing sauna that everyone is talking about.  

Steam Room

Anyone who has spent time in a steam room will immediately see benefits to the skin. Moisture helps the skin to look refreshed and dewy in the short term. But the benefits don’t end there.  Moist heat may help relieve symptoms of colds and congestion and people with sore muscles often feel relief after sitting for a few minutes in a steam room, perfect after a massage.

Mineral Soaking Tub  

Our select minerals come from the Blue Lagoon of Iceland which is one of the most famous hot springs in the world.  Soaking in a warm mineral bath has a relaxing effect on the mind and muscles.  And, fluctuating between cold and hot temperatures seems to provide additional benefits such as increased immunity, improved heart health, lower blood pressure, cleaner and smoother skin, reduced stress, higher cognitive function, decreased fatigue and lethargy, healthier bones and muscles, as well as a much better mood.