Our wax formula is created with pure, honest ingredients for optimal comfort on even the most sensitive skin. Applied gently our wax exfoliates and nourishes, while its flexible elasticity adheres directly to the hair, leaving only smooth skin behind.  Please call     508-276-7141 to book your appointment. 

(All waxing prices are subject to change based on the amount of hair to be removed)


• 55 min, $75.00

Full body

• 120 min, $260.00

Full back

• 55 min, $75.00


• 30 min, $60.00

Men’s glutes

• 30 min, $60.00

Full legs

• 55 min, $90.00


• 25 min, $40.00
  • Add a Delicious Shui Spa Healthy Lunch ($25 per person) before or after your treatments
  • An 18% Gratuity will be added to all services 80 minutes and longer, as well as all packages for your convenience 
  • Any Special Occasion Celebration can be made even more Extraordinary at Shui Spa with a Unique Bouquet of Flowers, a Special Celebration Beverage(s) or a Beautiful Shui Spa Basket presented to your loved one or friend. Our Shui Spa Staff will make sure your every request is met with the utmost importance and attention to detail.